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PVS Institute Of Psychiatry

Services Offered

  • Assessment and Management of all psychiatric and behavioral problems in children, adults and elderly.
  • Multi-disciplinary approach to problems and patient oriented care.
  • Inpatient facilities

Adult Psychiatry

  • Treatment for wide range of psychiatric illnesses including schizophrenia, depression, mood disorders, anxiety, phobia, OCD and adjustment disorders.
  • Management of stress related difficulties.
  • Deaddiction for substance use disorders.
  • Management of alcohol addiction in liaison with the departments of gastroenterology and neurology.
  • Smoking cessation.
  • Counseling for marital discord and sexual problems.
  • Management of anxiety related to medical illness like cancer, gastric problems and neurological illness.
  • Psychological issues related to infertility, pregnancy and post partum periods.
  • Problems associated with old age including memory impairment, behavioral changes, dementia, sleep disturbance.

Child PsychiatryDepartment Highlights

  • Assesment and management of childhood problems of depression, anxiety, phobias(exam fear, social phobia, specific phobias).
  • Management of hyperactivity, decreased school performance, poor concentration, increased use of mobile phones/internet, school refusal etc.
  • Management of behavioral problems associated with mental retardation, autism.
  • Assessment and management if issues related to substance/medication misuse.

Department Highlights

  • Expert team of 3 Psychiatrists (2 male doctors and a female doctor), clinical psychologist and counselor (psychiatric social worker).
  • Facility to carry out essential tests/investigations as required.
  • Use of counseling methods (psychotherapy) for treatment and medications used only if indicated.
  • Multidisciplinary approach to the concerned problem.

Doctors in Psychiatry

Dr. K.J.S Rajiv


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Dr. Arun Kumar .K

MBBS,MD,DNB,MNAMS Consultant Psychiatrist

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Dr. Meethu Maria Paul

MBBS, MRCPsych – UK, CCT - UK Consultant Psychiatrist

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