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PVS Department of Obstetrics and Gynaecology

The Super Speciality department of Obstetrics and Gynaecology is a tertiary level centre for high-risk pregnancies in Kerala. Specialized monitoring and timely intervention in high risk pregnancies gives the mother and baby a better chance at survival and eliminates future mental and physical handicaps. Ultrasound and Colour Doppler studies are done whenever necessary which helps in continuation of pregnancy and safe postponement of premature delivery as much as possible or till the baby attains maturity. The growth and overall well being of the baby is regularly monitored in every case using Cardiotocography which also provides graphic recording of uterine contractions for better correlation and foetal well being resulting in safer delivery and prevention of birth asphyxia. The unit has advanced foetal monitoring system for twin babies also. Foetal medicine with intra-uterine treatment of foetal disease can be given and abnormalities corrected. well supported neonatal unit ensures that the baby is looked after during delivery and thereafter.

Department Highlights:

  • High risk pregnancies
  • Infertility management
  • Laparoscopies, hysteroscopy & Associated procedures
  • Colposcopy, Thermal Ablation, HSG
  • All types of routine and specialized laparoscopic (keyhole) procedures.
  • Vaginal and abdominal hysterectomy.
  • Cervical and Endometrial Cancer screening is done routinely and appropriate treatment given without delay
  • Sling Surgeries
  • Recanalization Surgery
  • Mesh repair
  • Contraceptive Procedures

Doctors in Obsterics & Gynaecology

Dr. Shirly John


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Dr. Urmila Soman


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Dr. Sindhu Gopalakrishnan


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The operations suites are well occupied with most modern facilities like laminar air flow, Macquet operation table, Dr Mach’s operation theatre lights etc.

  • Auscelap 3D Laparoscopy system
  • High Definition 3-Chip Camera system from Karl-Storz
  • High Definition 3-Chip Camera system from Stryker
  • Ultrasonic Dissector for liver resection from Stryker
  • Gen X system of Harmonic scalpel and Enseal of Ethicon
  • Force Triad-Ligasure vessel sealing system of Covidien
  • Intraoperative Ultrasound from Aloka
  • Argon Plasma Coagulator from Erbe
  • Digital Fluoroscopy of Siemens
  • Thromboelastograph
  • Radiofrequency ablation system and is well equipped to perform all major GI surgeries like liver resections, pancreatic resections and all advanced GI Laparoscopic surgeries.


Harmonic Scalpel was introduced during laproscopic surgeries in our hospital. This has the advantage of minimal thermal damage, high precision in cutting and coagulation, improved visibility of surgical field and minimal blood loss. 3D Laparoscopic Surgeries are being done in our hospital.

Facility for Uterine Balloon Therapy has been introduced for the first time in Kerala. This is a minimally invasive non-surgical procedure that can be an alternative to hysterectomy or other surgical procedures for excessive bleeding. There is no hospital stay and in most cases the patient can return to normal activity within a couple of days.