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PVS Institute Of Nephrology & Poison Treatment

PVS Nephrology Department is an advanced centre for Nephrology is manned by a team of doctors who started the first kidney transplantation programme in Central Kerala. This team has provided Nephrology support for more than 687 Kidney Transplantations which includes the first six Cadaver Transplantation in Kerala and 7 out of total 10 Cadaver transplantations ever done in the state. PVS Memorial Hospital houses one of the largest renal care units in Kochi offering all tertiary level interventional nephrology and poisoning related services with success rate. We offer round the clock hemodialysis and perform more than 1000 hemodialysis every month. The department is headed by Dr. Georgy K Nainan who is well known for his expertise and clinical acumen.
Dr. Sooraj T.S. (Consultant Nephrologist) is among the pioneers of interventional nephrology in India. He is among the handful of nephrologists who do real time USG guided biopsies, vascular studies and dopplers. He has an experience of more than 300 transplants.

Our facilities

  • We are one of the few centers in India offering full fledged interventional nephrology services including percutaneous insertion of cuffed tunneleed catheters, percutaneous CAPD catheter insertions, AV fistulas and Real-time ultrasound guided renal biopsies.
  • We started Kidney Transplantation in 2002 and have successfully completed 324 transplant surgeries including one Cadaver transplantation. PVS is the Government approved centre for performing renal transplants. We have also conducted a large number of clinical trials.

Renal Transplantation

  • At PVS Memorial hospital, 324 renal transplantations are done. Laparoscopic Donor Nephrectomy is being done routinely. This helps in avoiding the conventional long- donor “S” incision wound. Through a midline incision the mobilized kidney is delivered. This central line small incision helps the patient in reducing the strain of a long line wound., help the donor to go home in 5 days.
  • Transplantation from Live Related (LR), Unrelated, especially distent relatives, swapping of kidney are undertaken. Kidney donation after brain death is now gaining popularity in Kerala. PVS is a registered with Kerala Net work of Organ Sharing(KNOS). Patients undergoing dialysis and waiting to have the transplant are registered with KNOS.
  • Transplantation at PVSM is cost effective. Hospital package is 2.4Lakhs. Total expenditure including the stay, immune suppressive, medication, blood products will be @ 4.75 Lakhs (charges will proportionately increase if complication occurs). The quality of a successful transplanted patient is any day better than that of paitents on regular dialysis.


  • Round the clock (24 x 7) hemodialysis with 13 stations and dedicted machines for patients with liver disease and renal failure
  • State-of-the-art B Braun Dialogue and Dialogue plus machines offering quality bicarbonate hemodialysis
  • Continuous Renal replacement therapy (CVVH/CVVHD/CVVHDF/SCUF)
  • Exclusive 4 bedded renal Intensive care unit with dedicated ventilators
  • All forms of vascular access including permcath and AV fistulas
  • Continuous Ambulatory Peritoneal Dialysis with percutaneous catheter insertion and shorter hospital stay
  • Acute Intermittent Peritoneal Dialysis (cycler assisted/ PD)
  • Hemoperfusion
  • Renal tissue USG guided renal biopsy
  • Renal ultrasound and Doppler
  • Government approved centre for Renal transplantation
  • Snake bite management
  • Care of patients affected by poison
  • AVF mapping and interventions

Doctors in Nephrology & Poison Treatment

Dr Georgy K Nainan

MD, MNAMS, DM, FISN, FRCP HOD & Sr. Consultant Nephrologist

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Dr Sooraj Y S

MD, DNB (Nephro) Consultant Nephrologist

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Dr.Jayasurya R

Consultant Nephrologist

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