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The PVS Institute of Digestive diseases at PVS Memorial Hospital is one the of leading center in Gastrointestinal diseases in the country. At the Institute, the focus is to give affordable comprehensive, state of the art Gastrointestinal care to all needy patients. The Institute has two major Divisions : Medical Gastroenterology and Gastro intestinal Surgery .The institute has a group of experienced, well trained physicians including Gastroenterologists, Hepatologists, Gastrointestinal surgeons, GI pathologists, Radiologists , Anesthetists and paramedical staff who work as a team. The various divisions cater to different categories of patients.

Advanced Endoscopy Center

The Center, recognised by the Society of Gastrointestinal endoscopy of India has a 16000 Sq ft endoscopy suite with all the state of the art endoscopy equipments including EXERA CV – 190 Olympus endoscopes, EU ME-2, Alfa 5 and F75 EUS units with Radial, Linear and Forward view EUS scopes as well as mini probes and intraductal probes, Siemens flat panel Axiom Luminos DRF fluoroscopy unit, GIVEN imaging Capsule endoscopy and spyglass cholangioscopy. The EUS Center is one of the most advanced in the country. Therapeutic EUS was first introduced to Kerala state by PVS Institue. EUS guided procedures are used to stage cancers and treat patients with pancreatic pseudocysts, bile duct obstruction etc. Pancreatobiliary unit deals with all pancreatic and bile duct diseases including chronic pancreatitis, pancreatic and bile duct tumors and provides advanced endoscopic treatment when needed. The spyglass cholangioscope is used to diagnose bile duct diseases and also treat large bile duct stones. Guided Radiofrequency ablation is done for inoperable bile duct malignancies. ERBE 300 unit with water jet is an added advantage for procedures like POEM for Achalasia Cardia, STER and Endoscopic submucosal dissection of superficial tumours of GIT. The endoscopy Center has one of the best scope reprocessing and disinfection system in the country, including fully automated Olympus scope reprocessor and Ultra sonic cleaner as well facility for ETO sterilization for accessories if required. Regular quality check with bacterial culture is maintained in the unit. We introduced packages for use of disposable endoscopic accessories (one time use) in the unit probably first time in India.

Aixplorer Supersonic Imagine

First hospital in Kerala to have this highly advanced Machine. Aixplorer® MultiWave™ Technology provides impeccable image quality and non-invasive, real-time, quantitative ShearWave™ Elastography (SWE™) for the Qualitative and Quantitative treatment monitoring – Anti Viral Therapy and Antifibrotic Drugs - to better image the progression or regression of liver diseases. This system leverages a unique Multi-Wave™ Technology that enables to detect, characterize and, in the future, treat palpable and non-palpable masses. Aixplorer is the first ultrasound system to provide you with the following imaging benefits of ShearWave Elastography: A real-time SWE map of liver elasticity to help accurately determininig the stiffest areas for measurement and biopsy As the SWE color-coded map is superimposed over the B-mode image, the user can verify the acquisition is in the liver, preventing incorrect measurements in the kidneys or in near-by vessels. Liver elasticity measurements can be obtained in challenging cases of obesity and ascites, with a depth of up to 12 cm A fast, real-time stiffness acquisition which is not affected by movement of the patient or the operator Operator skill independence and ease of use.Preliminary studies show that SWE is not only equivalent to the currently accepted techniques used to evaluate liver stiffness, but also has improved specificity and accuracy. It may also help in Characterization of Focal Liver Lesions (HCC/FMH/Cholangiocarcinomas/Hemangiomas) using Realtime Shearwave Elastography & CEUS.

Supersonic imagine Machine

24 Hr GI bleed care center

All patients with gastrointestinal bleed are managed by the center. The center provides, round the clock endoscopy to deal with these patients. The well equipped intensive care unit, blood bank, intensivists and the interventional radiologists help in the efficient delivery of care in such situations

Center for swallowing diseases

The unit caters to all patients with swallowing difficulty. These patients are evaluated extensively with video fluoroscopy, imaging modalities and manometry treatment offered to patients with achalasia cardia include Peroral endoscopic myotomy, pneumatic balloon dilatation and Botulinum toxin injection.

Luminal gastroenterology unit.

The unit deals with all patients with chronic diarrhea, inflammatory bowel disease and intestinal motility disorders. The unit is one of the centers in India having maximum experience in treating Crohn’s disease..

Pediatric Gastroenterology Clinic.

Children with Gastrointestinal and liver diseases are looked after in the institute by a team of Pediatric Gastroenterologist, Pediatricians, Pediatric and GI surgeons, Child Psychologist , Endocrinologist and Nutrition therapist. The special area of interest are Inflammatory bowel disease and pediatric hepatology..

Hepatology unit.

The hepatology unit caters to patients with various acute and chronic liver diseases. The team of liver surgeons and interventional radiologist aid in the management of liver cancers. Radiofrequency ablation of tumors and Transarterial chemoembolisation for hepatocellular carcinoma are routinely done in the unit. The unit is one of the few recognised liver Transplant centers in Kerala. Trans jugular liver biopsy was first introduced to Kerala state by PVS Institute.Facilities for portal hemodynamics is available for indicated patients.

Department Highlights.

  • Dedicated Gastroenterology ICU with 28 beds
  • Five isolation ICU chambers for special care like transplantation
  • 24 hours GI emergency services
  • Endoscopic suite of 16,000 sq.ft.
  • Six fully loaded endoscopy suites with high definition monitors and Drager pendants
  • Endoscopy suites including state-of-the-art fluoroscopy room for ERCP and other radiology assisted procedures
  • One of the most equipped endoscope reprocessing / disinfection area with automatic scope reprocessing units and ultra sound cleaners
  • Corridor for safe passage of dirty and clean endoscopes
  • Pre and post procedure patient monitoring areas and preparation rooms in the endoscopy suite
  • Library and seminar rooms in the endoscopy suite
  • Equipped with Olympus 190 series high resolution endoscopic systems with image enhancing technology
  • CO2 insufflations with water jet in all endoscopy suites
  • Two EUS systems- F-75 Aloka ( First in India), EU ME 2 (First in India), 360 degree electronic radial scope two electronic linear EUS scopes forward view Olympus EUS scope (First in India), contrast enhanced echo endoscopy, EBUS (First in Kerala) and mini probes including intraductal ultrasound (First in Kerala). Our EUS facilities is the best fully loaded system of India.
  • Karl Storz endoscopy system with image enhancing technology (spice)
  • The fluoroscopy suite is equipped with Siemens flat panel AXIOM LUMINOS DRF machine (First in Kerala)
  • SPY glass cholangioscopy
  • Given Imaging Capsule endoscopy
  • Single balloon enteroscopy
  • Gut physiology lab equipped with Ready stock Manometry, PH monitoring with impedance , Urea breath tests, Hydrogen Breath tests, Tests for intestinal malabsorption
  • Three trans abdominal ultrasound systems (Aloka , Toshiba and Wipro)
  • ERBE 300 work station RITA- RFA for ablation of GI and liver neoplasms
  • ERBE 200 station and 3 Olympus cautery units
  • RITA – RFA system for Per cutaneous , operative and endoscopic Radio frequency ablation


  • Diagnostic and therapeutic upper GI endoscopy
  • Diagnostic & Therapeutic Endosonography
  • Enteroscopy, Balloon and Push
  • Capsule enteroscopy
  • ERCP
  • Interventional hepatology techniques
  • Speciality clinics in liver, pancreatic & inflammatory bowel diseases, paediatric gastroenterology
  • Argon plasma coagulator (APC)
  • Luminal lab - Manometry and 24-hr pH monitoring ,Urea Breath test, Hydrogen and Co2 Breath tests
  • The department also has facilities for performing complex and advanced surgeries for gastro intestinal, liver and pancreatic cancers.
  • It has gained reputation as a center for minimally invasive surgery (Keyhole) in Gastroenterology Hepato biliary surgery.
  • A specialised center for liver transplantation
  • 360 Degree Electronic Endoscopic Ultrasound
  • Can pick up tumours and cysts at a very early stage
  • Can stage malignancy & offer early diagnosis
  • Can conduct internal biopsy with reduced threat of tumour spread
  • Can perform pain control procedures in cases of advanced GI cancers

Doctors in Gastroenterology

Dr Mathew Philip

MD, DM, Dip.NB (Med & GE) Medical Director & Director, PVS Institute of Digestive Diseases

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Dr. Prakash Zacharias

MD, DM Associate Director, PVS Institute of Digestive Diseases

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Dr. John Mathews

MD (Gen. Med), DM (Gastro) Sr. Consultant Gastroenterologist

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Dr. Shibi Mathew

MD, DNB (Gen. Med), DM (GE) Consultant Gastroenterologist

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Dr. Prashanth M

Sr. Resident – Gastroenterology

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Dr. Maya P

MD (Paed),DNB (Paed), PGDAP, MRCPCH,DNB(Gastro) Sr. Resident

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Dr. Aby Somu

MD (Gen.Med), DNB (Gastro)
Sr. Resident - Gastroenterology

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Dr. Elizabeth Francis

Medical Officer – Gastroenterology

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